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Robè Amra's great vocal talent was spotted by Leslie P George when she was still in her early teens. She was quickly signed to a development deal with a production company then owned by George/Bugiolacchi. This artistic relationship lasted for nearly ten years and produced many potential hit singles.

A few years ago, Amra and Bugiolacchi teamed up again to write a few songs for a common musical project and here we present previews below.

These songs are still waiting to be professionally produced and commercially released. They are available both as part of a 'record deal' and singles for Amra, or as a unique opportunity for an emerging or established artist to make them 'theirs'. First.

Please contact 'bugiolacchi' for further details.

song samples

INTO MY LIFE by bugiolacchi/sanamontri

STOP CALLING by bugiolacchi/sanamontri

AM I DREAMING by bugiolacchi/george


by ©Oxana

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