The writers at Bugiolacchi Publishing have employed through the years several artists to demo and perform their musical ideas. Here we present a few key contributors and their involvement with the publishers.

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Robè is the main songwriter partner in Bugiolacchi Publishing. He is a prolific composer whose musical output spans from pop to rock to jazz to classical. Here we present songs from hiw own repertoir, entirel penned by himself with lyrics both in English and Italian.


Amra was spotted in a singer context by producer Leslie George in the UK around the late 90s. At the time Amra was a young teenager with a burning passion for singing and performing. With a lovely and duttile voice, tinted with soul references, she became the main melodic conduit for George/Bugiolacchi pop musical output...


"Tipped to be one of the hottest stars of 2002 with her sing-a-long vocals, positivism, sheer sunshine and warmth. Baz is determined that these great songs will find a place in everyone's heart." This is what Ministry of Sound said at the time, followed by the Sunday Times Magazine full page spotlight article. The MJ family was interested in taking her to the US, worldwide 'domination' beckoned... Click for the full story!..

Carlo Bugiolacchi

Carlo is an actor, theatre director, scriptwriter, and author. He is also a talented composer who has collaborated with Robč to create soundtracks and incidental music for his theatre productions. The compositions are so beautiful even when removed from their theatrical environment...

Sanny x

Sanny recently scored a Top 5 on the Billboard Chart with his song Higher. The song has currently was released in the U.K and Europe after being one of the hottest summer promos in Ibiza during the summer 2007. Please visit his impressive website to glance at his impressive career spanning 20+ years. Sanny x has recently remixed Robč's Italian single Soli and turned into a potential House Club smash hit. Still looking for distribution in Italy and elsewhere though. Visit Robč's web link to listen/purchase the single, available in all standard club formats.