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Bugiolacchi is for the first time making available their vast collection of original and unreleased music and songs. Some of these songs were deemed potential hits by industry professionals but unfavourable circumstances, ranging from below-par demoes to unsuitable demo-singers, prevented them to take their rightful place in the history of modern pop music.
This a unique opportunity for both budding and established singers and A&R people to gain exclusive and first-access rights to any of these songs. As soon as a favourable agreement is reached between Bugiolacchi publishing and the end user, the song will be withdrawn from the available song pool. This will ensure exclusivity and ownership in the eyes of the buying public, as much as “I did it my way” is ‘a Frank Sinatra song’ (it was written by Paul Anka, another great singer!).

example graphicThe songs we present here are one-minute testers of, obviously, fully written tracks. We have tried to offer a fair idea of each song by offering a verse/chorus section thus, but necessarily, scarifying potentially hooky and valid intros, outros, and middle-eights. The point is that if one minute song succeeds in catching your attention that’s all it's needed. Obviously, following your serious and stated interest, we will promptly make the full version available to you.

We here appeal on your professionalism and expertise to ignore the arrangements and productions, which in the world of popular music, they became ‘obsolete’ the 'day after they are recorded'. Some of these 'dancy' songs were found to be great ballads and viceversa... so a bit of forward thinking..

Last, if you can’t find a song suitable for your artist or yourself, let’s say you only like the a chorus of a particular song, we will be most interest to work together towards a mutually satisfying product. Please note, for obvious reasons, this flexible approach is only available to professional individuals or established music businesses.

Tester songs - POP

POP Uptempo

Can't Get Enough - ©Bugiolacchi/McCann - Sings: Allie McCann

Delicious - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Amra

Love Never Knew Love - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Sam Sketty

Time - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Robč

Dream Away - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Twins

Be Free - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Sam Sketty

Thrill Me - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Amra

Live Forever - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Leslie George

POP Downtempo

What is Love - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Sam Sketty

Into my Life - ©Bugiolacchi/Sanamontri - Sings: Amra

Deep in your Soul - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Leslie George

Am I Dreaming - ©Bugiolacchi/George - Sings: Amra